About us

The Young Farmer Business Program exists to help you improve your business skills, so that you can run a more productive and profitable farm or fishing businesses.

No joining process. No membership. Just come along to one of our events to learn new skills and connect with other young farmers and fishers.

Our work at a glance

How we help

Getting Started

While there are a lot of ways to learn the ins and outs of the stuff that happens in the paddock or in the water, it’s not as easy to find useful information on the business side of things.

We open the door to the information you need, from getting a handle on your finances to learning from others that have been there.

Stepping into management

Even if you’ve spent your entire life on the land or water, stepping up to managing your own farm or fishing business is a big leap.

We make sure that all of our workshops, toolkits and other resources are created by people who really get what it’s like to run a farming or fishing business. That way, you can start your management journey with confidence.


We value innovation and growth. We empower young farmers and fishers to find better, more profitable ways of running their business, including understanding how to work better with banks and investors.

We also keep an eye out for funding opportunities to help you expand.

Day-to-day management

We help you build skills and confidence for all those jobs that happen in the office.

Starting, running or expanding a farming or fishing business is not easy. Our job is to make sure you can access business skills, new ideas, opportunities and other people who get what you're going through.