Group’s Vault

Unlock your group’s potential

Our Group’s Vault Grant provides funding for training for groups, to help you build business and leadership skills in your community.


To be eligible your group must,

  • Be formal or informal, with a minimum of 3 members.
  • Support young farmers and fishers in NSW.
  • Use the funds for a project to develop the business and leadership skills of your group’s members.

The funds should be used for an activity that delivers at least one of the following outcomes,

  • Knowledge and skills to improve social and business resilience
  • Knowledge and skills to manage risk
  • Knowledge and skills to execute effective plans
  • Knowledge and skills to make decisions that ensure the viability of their agricultural/fishing businesses
  • Access to new business ideas, tools and techniques
  • Connect to other farmers/fishers and opportunities that enable entry and or expansion of agricultural/fishing businesses



Round 1 of the Group’s Vault closed 1 September 2019.

Our next round will be announced via our newsletter and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.