Episode 1: Olympia Yarger

When you think of farming, it’s very unlikely that you think about farming flies. In fact, if you have any experience on a farm, you probably know how destructive flies can be to livestock.

Yet in a small industrial building in the Canberra suburb of Fyshwick, Olympia Yarger is farming flies. And a lot of people are very excited by her unique work.

It turns out that there’s more to flies than the average person realises, and Olympia is at the forefront of using the little buzzers to change the waste management industry. So much so that her company Goterra has even received funding from the notoriously agriculture shy venture capitalist sector.

Olympia candidly discusses how despite all her success as the CEO of a cutting edge company, she still sometimes struggles with the fact that she’s ‘…just a maggot lady’ who is more interested in growing the business than enjoying the perks of investment capital.

To view the failed Rabobank ‘pitch’ that Olympia mentions in the podcast, visit this link.

Episode 1: Olympia Yarger image