Episode 2: Paul Aquilina

Today it’s time to put on a lifejacket and cast off with Paul Aquilina, a young fisherman living on the Hawkesbury River, 90 minutes from Sydney.

Paul has never been in any doubt that he wanted to be a fisherman and no amount of early morning starts, broken down boats, stolen eel traps or empty nets could stop him from achieving his dream. To say he’s focused on what he wants is an understatement.

From his early days of volunteering on trawlers through to leasing boats and licenses, Paul is now a ‘multi-fisher’ who owns several different fishing licences and boats, providing a range of products to the market. Despite his young age, it’s been a long journey that has required him to make plenty of sacrifices in his life. Paul also discusses how putting in extra effort can result in premium prices for his produce.

Episode 2: Paul Aquilina image