Episode 3: Angus Maurice

In this episode, Angus Maurice from Gillinghall Farmer Brown’s Pastured Eggs talks us through how a few changes in the way they viewed and presented their business has had an incredible impact on their bottom line.

Based in Central West New South Wales, Farmer Brown’s is a family affair, with Angus’ brother, sister and parents all involved in the daily operations. They also have a dedicated team of maremma working dogs who act as loyal guards to the free roaming chickens.

These days the operation is slick and successful, but there were some shaky times in the first few years. As Angus explains, the breakthrough came when they stopped trying to sell their eggs and instead started to sell their brand.

The change has meant more time curating their social media accounts and more people who are prepared to pay a premium for their eggs. Luckily the exceptionally cute guard dogs are naturals in front of a camera.

Episode 3: Angus Maurice image