Episode 4: Jarrod & Emma Amery

In this episode, husband and wife team Jarrod and Emma Amery welcome us onto their farm outside of Forbes, NSW.

While both Jarrod and Emma grew up in farming families, it took a long time for them to find the perfect farm to call their own. Location was obviously one crucial consideration to finding the right property, but equally important was finding one with a house large enough for them and their six young children.

Now that they have their ‘dream’ farm, there’s just the simple little things to worry about – making a profit, keeping the bank manager happy and dealing with a period of drought.

They also discuss how faith plays an important role in their lives, what it’s like working as a team and how time away from the farm can be the best way to be productive on the farm and in the community.

Episode 4: Jarrod & Emma Amery image