Episode 4: Prawn trawling with Alex Tucker 

Alex Tucker knows what she wants — as soon as she finished high school she was down at Yamba wharf, asking prawn trawlers to take her on as a deckhand.

After learning to trawl and getting her skipper qualifications, Alex took a break from fishing to move to the Hawkesbury river and have a baby.

But Alex has big ambitions to get back out to sea, and thinks long-term about her career and life as a fisher.

In this episode of The Business of Fishing, we sit on the banks of the Hawkesbury river and talk about how fishers can use social media to help their career, the precarious nature of fishing work, and making long-term career decisions.

The Business of Fishing is brought to you by the Young Farmer Business Program, an initiative of the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Find Alex at @captain_tucker on Instagram.

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Episode 4: Prawn trawling with Alex Tucker  image