Episode 7: Brad Cavanagh

In this episode of Propagate, we visit Brad Cavanagh from Hardhat Angus, situated in Harden, NSW. Originally from a non-farming family in Dubbo, Brad became interested in cattle as a high school student thanks to the Angus Youth program.

His interest continued to grow into a full blown passion for Angus cattle, even taking him to the USA to learn more about cattle farming techniques and the all important genetics from large corporations like the Sinclair Cattle Company.

These days he divides his hours between working full time at the extended family farm Oxton Park, and growing the Hardhat Angus business through challenging conditions.

It’s a role that has seen Brad grow as a ‘salesman’, but rather than focus on the wheeling and dealing, he’s more interested in being honest and upfront with customers and solving the little problems before they become big problems.

He’s come a long way from the kid from town who showed some cattle at high school, but that’s what happens when you’re obsessed.

For more information on the Angus Youth program please visit this link.

Episode 7: Brad Cavanagh image