Bank Ready

Walk into the bank with confidence

Getting finance to start or expand your farming or fishing business can feel complicated, stressful and intimidating. But it doesn’t have to.

This workshop is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to navigate the finance approval process. It will help you be better prepared when you approach a bank or finance partner.

You will learn

  • Your different financing options, including buying, leasing and equipment loans, and what’s realistic for you
  • What you need to access finance, from deposits to documents and evidence
  • The key finance terms you need to know and look out for
  • How to do it right the first time, for easier long term management
  • How to get your bank to love you, and what you should expect in return!

Come along if

This free, entry-level workshop is part of our Getting Started series. It’s an introduction to working with banks as a farm business. You should attend if,

  • You’re thinking about how you’ll get started with buying land or equipment
  • You’re at a fork in the road of decision making – do you buy, lease, agist?
  • You worry about how to access finance from a bank or other lender
  • You want to learn about how rural finance works
  • You one day want to buy a farm
  • You might buy your family farm
  • You have a farm and want to meet a local banker

Young Farmer Business Program Facilitator

No matter where we take this workshop, your facilitator will be someone who works in agribusiness banking in your area.

We aren’t affiliated with any banks, but think that the best people to give you the inside scoop are the bankers who do it every day. You’ll learn from a local banker who really gets rural finance, and knows exactly what you need to build a great relationship with your bank or lender.

We don't have any workshops planned right now. If you're interested in this topic, please request a workshop in your area.