Profit Ready

Take your business from good to great

You can’t expect profit if you don’t plan for it. Understanding profit, making a plan, and tracking progress is what separates the great farm and fishing businesses from the good ones.

This workshop will help you decide what kind of business you want, and create, execute and track the strategic plan to get you there.

You will learn

  • Why understanding profit will take your business from good to great
  • Which key factors drive profit in a business, and how to influence them
  • What KPIs you should be looking at, and the different reports you should be using to gather that information
  • How to handle cash flow planning and track your progress against ideal profit and turnover ratios
  • How to run monthly meetings to ensure all players are across the numbers

Come along if

This free, entry-level workshop is part of our Getting Started series. It’s an introduction to all things profit. You should attend if,

  • You’re getting started, and want a glimpse behind the office door
  • You’re transitioning into management, and want to start with confidence
  • You find the office side of things overwhelming, and would like a new approach
  • You want to understand your numbers better
  • You want to run a great business one day
  • You want to know how your business is going


Richard Groom

Richard Groom grew up on a family cattle and sheep property at Guyra on the NSW Northern Tablelands. He has worked for RCS Australia and Principle Focus.

Richard has 25 years of experience working with a broad range of businesses - from family farms to multinational agribusinesses including irrigation (cotton), wool, prime lamb production, cattle breeding and trading operations and dryland cropping. Richard runs PF Agribusiness.

Richard’s areas of expertise include establishing appropriate business structures for growth, benchmarking, grazing management, business blueprinting and dealing with complex issues of succession, communication and negotiation.

We don't have any workshops planned right now. If you're interested in this topic, please request a workshop in your area.

What participants say

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“Overall the program is fantastic... I can't emphasise enough how crucial it is for young people like me to get information about going into business like this. For someone that hasn't been in business before it is daunting to know where to start. Breaking it down into steps is really invaluable.”

Young farmer
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"After the Bank Ready workshop, I went to the bank and tried to get a loan. I was unsuccessful, but I kept trying. After the Business Ready workshop, I tried again and got a small loan. Now I've got a paddock, and I’ve got the cows. I got the GST, ABN, and BAS all set up - I've never had them before.”

Young farmer
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“I have now set goals. I am taking a new course at university; I'll only be at uni for three years. After that, I plan to be on a property up in NSW somewhere... I want to gain more experience in the corporate industry, so I know what I'm doing.”

Young farmer